Automated Box Gluer (ABG)

The Automated Box Gluer (ABG) is the perfect companion to the ABM box making machine. After manufacturing the boxes, simply feed the boxes through the ABG for a quick, glued joint. The ABG automatically starts and stops the glue on either inside or outside glue tabs. Typical glue time for an RSC 12"x12"x12" is only five seconds. You can glue any box style that uses a glue flap.

The ABG uses a low temperature hot melt glue and will glue single wall and double wall material. The maximum corrugated thickness the gluer accepts is 5/16". The smallest box size that can be glued is 3"x3". The ABG can glue boxes up to 36" wide by any length.

ABG Specifications

  • Machine requires 8 FT x 9 FT of floor space and weighs 800 pounds.
  • AC motor driven.
  • Safety guards with emergency stop
  • Includes all tools needed for operation plus operator and maintenance manuals.
  • 120 VAC @ 20 AMPS electrical and 1/2 SCFM @ 60 PSI compressed air. Machine has 1/2 NPT filter/regulator and shut-off valve.
  • Hot melt glue sets in 5 seconds
  • Compression rollers hold flap during glue set time
  • Comes with built-in casters for mobility
  • 2.20 pounds (1 Kg) of Cool Lok 250 degree hot melt glue on the ABG will glue 492 feet (150 meters) of material.
  • One year or 100,000 boxes parts and labor warranty.

Automated Box Gluer

Pioneer Die Cutter (PFD)

The PFD is an affordable alternative for those companies who want to reduce their inventory of die cut boxes. The PFD cuts in both directions while electric eyes monitor when the cut is complete and begin the next cut without traveling the extra distance required by some die cutters. It is capable of running more than one order at a time and change orders in less than one minute.

The PFD can process corrugated paper thru triple wall, specialty jobs such as large point-of-purchase displays, solid fiber, label laminated products, corrugated plastics, foam, sandpaper and much more!

PFD die cutters are built to deliver long-lasting, high quality cutting performance. A perfect one to one ratio is guaranteed by our variable frequency drive. This allows for turning down a worn anvil roller as opposed to replacing it.

PFD Die Cutters come standard with:

  • Positive lock/stop switches at all corners
  • Hinged guard at cutting unit that shuts off machine when raised.
  • Extended rails which eliminate die jamming
  • Fluorescent lights which indicate the operating mode.

Pioneer Die Cutter

Pioneer Die Cutter Specifications
Model PFD80 PDF100 PFD120
Table Size 80" x 120" 105" x 144" 120" x 144"
Max Effective Sheet 76" x 120"+ 100" x 144"+ 110" x 144"+
Min Effective Sheet 8" x 8" 8" x 8" 8" x 8
Rule Height 0" - 4" 0" - 4" 0" - 4"
Impression/Hour 1000 1000 1000
Total Weight 6000 lbs. 7000 lbs. 8500 lbs.
Machine Dimensions 102" x 260" 124" x 308" 144" x 308"
Voltage Supply 230/460 230/460 230/460
Normal Delivery 4 Weeks 4 Weeks 4 Weeks