Automated Box Making Machine

Box Making EquipmentThe ABM series of automatic box making machines is designed to make custom short-run boxes quickly and easily. You simply enter the box style and inside dimensions on a touch screen, push start and feed the corrugated sheet through the machine.

The ABM comes in four different models:

  • Medium Duty - MBM 60" - our most economical ABM box making machine
  • Heavy Duty - HBM 72" and HBM 86"
  • Super Duty - SBM 72" and SBM 86"
  • Fan Fold - FFM 60" and FFM 86"

The number indicates the width (in inches) of the corrugated sheet that can be run through the machine. The corrugated sheet can be any length.

Automatic Box Making MachineThe ABM box making machines will run material from 32ECT single wall up to 600 pound double wall. The corrugated sheet does not need to be cut to size before feeding through the machine. The ABM makes the box blank out of the available material and leaves the excess for additional boxes or pads. The ABM will also slit multiple pads to width and length in one pass through the machine.

The MBM produces 250 boxes an hour, the HBM produces 275 boxes an hour and the SBM or FFM will run 325 an hour.

Box Making MachineThe ABM automatic box making machine produces more than 33 preprogrammed box styles, including five-panel folders, one-panel folders, dividers and scored pads. Plus, additional styles and sizes of boxes may be programmed into the computer for easy retrieval. Boxes are slit with stainless steel blades to produce a die-cut quality box. The blades are easily changed, taking only a minute or less.

Sturdy roller casters make the ABM easy to move and install. Once in position, the automated box making machines can be set firmly in place with its adjustable leveling feet. The machines take up less than 150 square feet of floor space.

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