Box Making Equipment FAQ

Do I need a slitter to cut the sheet to size before I make the boxes?

ABM Magellan EZ Boxmaker
Not with the ABM. It handles any size material larger than the box blank being made, up to the 60, 72 and 86 machine opening width. The ABM simply trims any excess material as it is producing the box blank. The excess material that is left can then be used to make additional boxes or pads or simply be recycled. The Magellan machine requires a slitter or can use blanks cut-to-size. The EZ Boxmaker does require a separate slitter or can use blanks cut-to-size. We recommend purchasing the EZ Boxmaker and EZ Slitter as a set.

Can I save the dimensions and box style of frequently used boxes?

ABM Magellan EZ Boxmaker
Yes, all three models of the Automated Boxmaker allow you to save the dimensions and the style of boxes that you use most. The MBM allows you to save up to 1,000 different boxes, and the HBM and SBM allow you to save up to 3,000 different boxes. Two models of the Magellan allow you to retrieve information via part number. The EZ Boxmaker comes with preprogrammed box styles, but does not allow you to save frequently used boxes.

Can the box making machines score both sides of the material?

ABM Magellan EZ Boxmaker
Yes, the SBM model has both top and bottom score wheels that score on both sides of the material. This feature is beneficial for long boxes and for heavy double-wall boxes. Has formed scoring (industry standard). Proprietary profile scoring available. The EZ Boxmaker does not score both sides of the material.

Can one person operate the box making equipment?

Yes, all the box making machines can be easily operated by one person.

What other equipment might I need to produce boxes?

After you make the box with a box making machine, you will need a way to glue or staple the box. You can use a gluing machine (we offer the ABG), hand gluer, stapler (run with an air compressor) or whatever works best for you. You may also want to stamp the boxes with a certification stamp. We have printing equipment available.

Should we stock spare parts?

You do not need to stock spare parts if you don't want to. It may be handy to keep extra blades or lubrication substances on hand. Since all are made in the USA, it only takes a day or two to receive parts. We can provide you with a list of recommended spare parts if you wish.

Do you sell used box making equipment?

Yes we do. Used box making machines are in very high demand right now. If you are interested in a used machine, please contact us.

Can I finance box making equipment?

Yes. We have leasing programs available. Please contact us for more information.