Corrugated Shipping Containers

There are hundreds of box styles and corrugated shipping containers available, from a regular slotted carton to five panel folders, tray style boxes, dividers and pads. You can view the available styles used in the industry by reviewing the FEFCO's International Fiberboard Case Code.

Each box making machine we offer comes with a set number of box styles preprogrammed into its computer. Additional box styles can be added anytime. To find out which model can produce the box styles you need click on the model of box making machine (ABM, RJE or EZ Box) you are interested in.

How to Measure a Box Correctly

Box dimensions are always inside dimensions and are stated Length X Width X Depth.

The length is always the larger of the two dimensions of the open face (flap opening). The width is the smaller number. The depth is always the distance perpendicular to the length.

How to measure corrugated shipping containersHow to measure corrugated shipping containers