EZ Boxmaker

EZ Boxmaker

EZ Box Making MachineThe EZ Boxmakers are designed for those with a smaller budget who still want to produce quality boxes. Simply enter the box size, set the backstop and insert the pre-slit box blanks. The boxmaker slots and scores up to 300 box blanks per hour.

The EZ Boxmaker comes in two different models:

  • Model 870
  • Model 872

To compare features of both models, Click Here.

The EZ Boxmakers will run material from 200 pound single wall corrugated up to 600 pound double wall or 1200 pound double wall corrugated, depending upon the model. Model 870 produces up to 300 boxes per hour and Model 872 produces up to 250 boxes per hour.

The EZ Boxmaker comes preprogrammed with more than 15 box styles. Plus, additional styles of boxes may be programmed into the computer for easy retrieval. EZ Box operators can select a box style by either entering the box number or by selecting the box name from a list.

Maintenance is minor and limited to keeping the tables clear of debris and occasionally lubricating moving parts, adjusting if necessary. The knives are made of hardened tool steel and will last for years without sharpening.

We don't advise stocking any spare parts - chances are they will never be needed! And if they are, we stock spares in the USA for overnight delivery. An additional stock of selected parts is maintained in Germany for European installations. Technical consultation for the EZ Box is available at no charge.

EZ Slitter

EZSlitterThe EZ Slitter is the perfect companion to the affordable EZ Boxmaker. Setup takes just a few seconds. Simply set the backstop, set the knife speed and insert the corrugated sheet or other material. Twin 6" / 152mm rotating knives cut the material like a pair of scissors and pull the material through the machine. Then feed the sheet through the EZ Boxmaker for your box blank.

Cut off as little as 1/4" / 6mm, or as much as 50" / 1270mm (Model 272) or 38" / 965mm (Model 270).

The EZ Slitter comes in two different models:

  • Model 270
  • Model 272

The EZ Slitter-Scorer comes in two different models:

  • Model 280
  • Model 282

To compare Models 270/272 with Models 280/282, Click Here.

EZSlitterEZ Slitter Models 270 and 272 differ from eachother ONLY in the distance they will cut from the edge of the material. EZ Slitters Models 280 and 282 are similar to the 270 and 272, but can score as well as slit.

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