Magellan Boxmaker

Magellan Boxmaker

The impressive, high-end Magellan Boxmaker is designed specifically for the manufacture of large format corrugated cartons.

The Magellan produces a complete box blank (including the glue tab) in a single pass using a single operator. This includes the flap scores, the body creases, the flap slots, and trimming both the left side and the end of the sheet, all in a single pass! In addition, the Magellan offers full width flexo printing and sheet stacking as available options (please contact us for more info on these options).

The Magellan is capable of processing single wall, double wall, and triple wall corrugated simply by adjusting the machine. Sheets larger than the required box blank size can be fed into the machine to be trimmed during the process as well as sheets pre-cut to the proper size before hand.

Magellan Box Making Machine


The machine is offered in three control grades to better match the production requirements of the customer.

Base Model: This is the most economically priced Magellan box making machine. While maintaining all of the features that make the Magellan so innovative, this model relies most on the operator for set-up control. The feed table, feed roll pressure, slot and score placement are all provided by the operator. The board movement is controlled via a hydraulic motor. This model does not retain set-up data for retrieval.

Standard Model: The most popular of the models available, it distributes the set-up process between the operator and machine control. While still relying on the operator to set the feed table and feed roll pressure, this model controls the placement of the score, slots and score pressure automatically. In addition, this model also features an industrial PC with touch screen control. Board movement on this model is controlled via an electric servo. Due to the addition of the PC, this model saves set-up data for later retrieval.

Auto-Set Model: This is the most sophisticated of the Magellan models available. In this configuration, all axis required for set-up are controlled by the processor. This includes feed table guides, feed roll pressure, score placement, slot placement and score pressure. This model also incorporates an electric servo to control board movement through the machine. Again, this model incorporates industrial PC control and stores set-up data for later retrieval.

The Tilt Head

Due to the difficulty servicing the cutting area and the feed rollers of most boxmakers, the tilt head was developed to simplify the maintenance process. The complete upper assembly of the machine is tilted up via hydraulic cylinders, allowing the operator complete access to the inside of the machine. In addition, the feed table rolls away on casters. Knife changes, inspection, cleaning and feed roll replacement are incredibly easy.

Magellan Tilt Head Box Making Machine

Industrial PC Control

The Standard and Auto-Set Models feature an Industrial PC control of the operator interface functions. The PC interface allows for more control of the set up process. Features include:

  • Touch screen interface. Selection of set up options, data entry and most control features is as simple as touching the screen. A simple graphical user interface allows the operator easy control of the machine.
  • Data retrieval. Once the box data has been entered into the machine, it can be stored on the hard drive of the PC for later retrieval using a part number.
  • Long part number capability. With the new control system, long pat numbers are now available. Part numbers of up to 30 alphanumeric characters can be entered and stored. The retrieval engine automatically sorts the part numbers by alphabetical order and the search function makes finding that obscure part number simple.
  • Ethernet capability. All Standard and Auto-Set models come with Ethernet hubs built in to make company intranet connection a breeze. Utilizing Windows XP networking, simply configuring the Magellan to the network is all that is required.

Box Styles

The following are box styles that can be manufactured by the Magellan Boxmaker:

  • RSC: Regular Slotted Container
  • RSC 2-Piece: Two Piece Regular Slotted Container
  • FOL: Full Overlap Slotted Container
  • FOL 2-Piece: Two Piece Full Overlap Slotted Container
  • HSC: Half Slotter Container
  • FPF: Five Panel Folder
  • Telescope: Full Telescope Design Style Box
  • Tray: Design Style Tray
  • OSC: Overlap Slotted
  • CSO: Center Special Overlap Slotted Container
  • Center Seam RSC or FOL
  • One Piece Folder: (requires two passes)
  • Pads
  • Scored Tubes
  • Bulk Boxes*
  • Flanged Tubes*
  • Custom Containers (up to 10 panels)

*Custom Programming Required